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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome and thanks for signing up to our new site – ‘Free Cash Pot Lottery’.

If you love ‘quick wins’ and free cash prizes, this is the perfect site for you!

Now you’re signed up, you can sit back, relax and start winning. Our first winner will be announced on 10th July 4pm, and then every day. 

Have a look around – the site is super simple and you can play every day safe in the knowledge that (unlike so many other ‘free’ sites) your details are NOT sold on to other companies. We literally offer you an opportunity to win money, every day, for free!

So, what’s the deal?

Now you’ve signed up and we’ve generated your individual code – your very own special ‘winning numbers’ –  You will be sent an e-mail which will ask you to verify your account and that’s it! No sneeky ploys, no phone calls.

Every day we will send you a handy reminder e-mail which prompts you to pop along to the site and check if you’re a winner! If you win, you need to claim that day by clicking on the ‘claim’ button (which only appears if you are a winner), otherwise the prize will roll over and accumulate.

In summary – we think you’re going to love it here for these reasons;

1 – It’s totally free and easy to play – the prizes are great (£10 a day) AND they roll over from un-claimed prizes, so you could end up bagging hundreds if your numbers come up.

2 – No spammy calls or texts – We will send one simple reminder e-mail each day and an occasional opportunity to play other games or see freebies etc – no pressure, no catches plus we love to hear from our users – so feel free to get in touch any time 🙂

check out our terms and conditions, and make sure you tell your friends.

We can’t wait for you to start winning!


Lucy – Free CashPotLottery



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