Finally – a Winner!!

Huge congratulations to our recent winner LynneBarnard!

The first winner to claim since the 8th August, that’s just over a month with no claimants!
The Cashpot prize had been sat at £50 for a whopping 28 Days.

We really want to give our prizes away to our lovely users, so make sure you come back to the site each day (just after 4pm) to see if you’re our winner. You never know when your lucky numbers may come up…!

In the meantime, you can check out our sister site YourFreebieStyle for some awesome freebies, including free online casino spins and cash!

Thanks for Playing,
The Free Cashpot Lottery Team

Cashpot Prize – Unclaimed!

Hello fellow CashPotters,

Just a quick update, it appears that the Cashpot prize hasn’t been claimed since the 8th August – that’s 4 weeks ago!

We’ve been sending out emails to our lucky winners in the hope that someone will finally claim the £50.

We urge all our loyal users to check the site daily, we really want to give this money away!

The Free Cashpot Lottery Team

New promotional offers

Hello fellow CashPotters,

Today we’ve launched a new page which will present you with promotional offers from other sites :). If you don’t want to sign up to them you can click the “Check Numbers” button at the top of the page which will take you straight to the draw.

If you do click the offer this won’t change the page it, it will pop out the offer for you in a new tab.

We’ve only got 2 offers live at the moment but will have some more offers live soon.

Also a big congratulations to annedaish who won £90 on Saturday our biggest win to date.

Thank You

The Free CashPot Lottery Team

IMPORTANT: Cashpot Value error on email

Hello Fellow CashPotters,

As some of you have pointed out that our daily email is stating the prize for the day is £200+ on some occasions. We’d love to give this away but unfortunately the amount in the email is wrong due to a technical problem. Users have successfully claimed and been paid in the past week, which means the CashPot has been reset to £10 a day on various days. Today’s CashPot is £40 which the user “barbaby” hasn’t claimed, a new code will be revealed at 4pm. The email will be fixed soon, but the website has the most accurate information on the current CashPot and most recent winners.

You can see all winners here >>

We know you’ve had to put up with various problems with the site. We’re trying really hard to make the site the best experience for you. We’re currently developing a new draw so more users can win so watch this space 🙂

If you have any other questions or ways we can improve our site please email them to

Thank You

The Free CashPot Lottery Team

What is Free CashPot Lottery all about?

Being part of Free CashPot Lottery means that you could be in for the chance to win cash every day for free, it is really that simple.

Free CashPot Lottery brings you a fun and easy way to win free cash! Entering our daily draw is so straight forward, here is a few steps to get you started:

  1. Sign up to Free CashPot Lottery and collect your unique 9-digit code. This will be used to enter the daily draws.
  2. Then you will need to verify your account by clicking the verification email we’ve sent you. If you have not received it then please contact us.
  3. Once you have verified your account, your code will then be entered automatically into every future daily draw.

That’s it! You have now been automatically entered for every future draw. Just remember to check back daily to see if your CashPot code has been chosen. You must match all 9 digits to be a successful winner. Be sure to check back every day as there will always be a guaranteed winner.

The boring (but important) stuff:

Age and Limitations

  • The player must be UK resident and be over 18 to play the game.
  • The user must have a PayPal account* to receive the winning payment.

CashPot Rules

  • Only “CashPot” codes registered before the draw has been made at 4 pm daily are eligible to claim.
  • If the CashPot isn’t claimed by 3:59:59 pm the next day the winner forfeits the chance to claim and CashPot rolls over. Time of draw is 4 pm.
  • Winners have until 3:59:59 the following day to claim before the money rolls over to the next winning CashPot.


  • When claiming, we will ask you to verify the PayPal address again via email. Payment takes up to 48 hours after confirming your PayPal address via email.

Personal Details

  • Use of any company’s email address or use of any offensive username is completely offensive. Rude, provoking, insulting, uncivil, or humiliating names are subject to query and will be removed from the database.

A more detailed look at the rules can be found here >>

Why is it free?

We sell advertising space therefor when you visit the site, advertisers will pay us. When your CashPot wins, we pay you.

Check today’s winning code here >>

The Free CashPot Lottery Team


FIXED: Problem with our login email



Our email issue has now been fixed, this post will remain on the site until further notice




Hello fellow Cashpotters,

As some of you may have realised we’ve had some issues with our “login email”. The change has been made to fix it but won’t take effect until tomorrow afternoon.

As a quick fix and to make sure no one misses a draw please see the links below to access the today’s draw page and the draw history page.

If you visit this page you can see the current winning numbers.

If you visit this page you can see who has won today –

If you’re struggling to remember your username you should be able to find this out on the daily email we send you every day after 4PM.

If you see your username before the next cashpot number is drawn and can’t login to claim, just send us an email and we’ll make sure you get your prize money.

We’ve had a few teething problems with the site since it’s been launched and hope you can understand that these things happen 🙂

Good Luck Everyone, we do apologise for this. Everything should be up and running properly by tomorrow afternoon.

Welcome to Free Cashpot Lottery

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome and thanks for signing up to our new site – ‘Free Cash Pot Lottery’.

If you love ‘quick wins’ and free cash prizes, this is the perfect site for you!

Now you’re signed up, you can sit back, relax and start winning. Our first winner will be announced on 10th July 4pm, and then every day. 

Have a look around – the site is super simple and you can play every day safe in the knowledge that (unlike so many other ‘free’ sites) your details are NOT sold on to other companies. We literally offer you an opportunity to win money, every day, for free!

So, what’s the deal?

Now you’ve signed up and we’ve generated your individual code – your very own special ‘winning numbers’ –  You will be sent an e-mail which will ask you to verify your account and that’s it! No sneeky ploys, no phone calls.

Every day we will send you a handy reminder e-mail which prompts you to pop along to the site and check if you’re a winner! If you win, you need to claim that day by clicking on the ‘claim’ button (which only appears if you are a winner), otherwise the prize will roll over and accumulate.

In summary – we think you’re going to love it here for these reasons;

1 – It’s totally free and easy to play – the prizes are great (£10 a day) AND they roll over from un-claimed prizes, so you could end up bagging hundreds if your numbers come up.

2 – No spammy calls or texts – We will send one simple reminder e-mail each day and an occasional opportunity to play other games or see freebies etc – no pressure, no catches plus we love to hear from our users – so feel free to get in touch any time 🙂

check out our terms and conditions, and make sure you tell your friends.

We can’t wait for you to start winning!


Lucy – Free CashPotLottery



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