What is Free CashPot Lottery all about?

Being part of Free CashPot Lottery means that you could be in for the chance to win cash every day for free, it is really that simple.

Free CashPot Lottery brings you a fun and easy way to win free cash! Entering our daily draw is so straight forward, here is a few steps to get you started:

  1. Sign up to Free CashPot Lottery and collect your unique 9-digit code. This will be used to enter the daily draws.
  2. Then you will need to verify your account by clicking the verification email we’ve sent you. If you have not received it then please contact us.
  3. Once you have verified your account, your code will then be entered automatically into every future daily draw.

That’s it! You have now been automatically entered for every future draw. Just remember to check back daily to see if your CashPot code has been chosen. You must match all 9 digits to be a successful winner. Be sure to check back every day as there will always be a guaranteed winner.

The boring (but important) stuff:

Age and Limitations

  • The player must be UK resident and be over 18 to play the game.
  • The user must have a PayPal account* to receive the winning payment.

CashPot Rules

  • Only “CashPot” codes registered before the draw has been made at 4 pm daily are eligible to claim.
  • If the CashPot isn’t claimed by 3:59:59 pm the next day the winner forfeits the chance to claim and CashPot rolls over. Time of draw is 4 pm.
  • Winners have until 3:59:59 the following day to claim before the money rolls over to the next winning CashPot.


  • When claiming, we will ask you to verify the PayPal address again via email. Payment takes up to 48 hours after confirming your PayPal address via email.

Personal Details

  • Use of any company’s email address or use of any offensive username is completely offensive. Rude, provoking, insulting, uncivil, or humiliating names are subject to query and will be removed from the database.

A more detailed look at the rules can be found here >> http://www.freecashpotlottery.co.uk/rules/

Why is it free?

We sell advertising space therefor when you visit the site, advertisers will pay us. When your CashPot wins, we pay you.

Check today’s winning code here >> http://www.freecashpotlottery.co.uk/todays-draw

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