FIXED: Problem with our login email



Our email issue has now been fixed, this post will remain on the site until further notice




Hello fellow Cashpotters,

As some of you may have realised we’ve had some issues with our “login email”. The change has been made to fix it but won’t take effect until tomorrow afternoon.

As a quick fix and to make sure no one misses a draw please see the links below to access the today’s draw page and the draw history page.

If you visit this page you can see the current winning numbers.

If you visit this page you can see who has won today –

If you’re struggling to remember your username you should be able to find this out on the daily email we send you every day after 4PM.

If you see your username before the next cashpot number is drawn and can’t login to claim, just send us an email and we’ll make sure you get your prize money.

We’ve had a few teething problems with the site since it’s been launched and hope you can understand that these things happen 🙂

Good Luck Everyone, we do apologise for this. Everything should be up and running properly by tomorrow afternoon.

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